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21 07 20 - F.O.
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'Others have excuses,
I have my reasons why'

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I do not friend back automatically, as I find it kinda defeats the purpose of having a flocked journal. Leave me a comment if any of the above pings your radar!

If you're looking for my fic, send me a private message and I'll point you to the journal ♥
02 11 19 - Commissions!!
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The Big Post O' Commish Info
Any fandom, etc etc. If I'm unfamiliar with it, I'll ask for reference pics, okay?

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22 05 18 - Resources
Disney - Fangirl!
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Darlings, the day has arrived!
I hereby bring you the drawings I made for the lovely saltandbyrne's Supernatural/Teen Wolf fic, Eagle Lake, which is Derek/Stiles and Dean/Cas aaaand it's summer camp AU! \o/ Go give it a read and leave her some love :)

The art is spoilery, so I suggest reading the fic first!

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Thanks for looking! ♥
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YEAH I FINISHED. THAT'S RIGHT. God, my head hurts from all the marker use, ahah.
Anyway, let's crack on, shall we? ♥

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Aaaaand, what started out as Hev wishing for anything Slytherin related on her wishlist, somehow turned into a mini-round of "draw bandom friends as Hogwarts students".
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Hope you like'em, ladies! It was great fun :D
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I'm pretty much buried in school work until the 10th, but I've got everything inked, I just need to slap on some colour ;)
That said, I did finish the two for my darlings, anoceanmonster & xoxxblitz7

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As you can see on instagram, I am working on the rest, but they're on hold until school lets up and I've finished my Teen Wolf BB art. Derp.
Bandom - Grank badass shades
Title: In The Realm of Faeries
Fandom: Bandom
Pairings/Characters: Frank/Gerard, Pete Wentz, Ray Toro
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes:
ALRIGHT. I totally signed up for bandomreversebb ages ago and these are what came out of it! Massive thanks to my usual team of cheerleaders, but especially slashxyouxup who was the first to squee my face off when she saw the preliminary sketches ♥
Thanks to the mod for running this fabulous challenge! It's been a joy :)
And last but certainly not least, thank you to roxy_palace for picking my drawings and coming up with the most amazing story, which completely blew me away with its use of faerytales and folklore and plot twists and general fabulousity. It's hilarious and gribbing and heartwearming and badass and just wonderful. Please go read it immediately and leave her some love! Everyone Comes to Pan's by roxy_palace

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Thank you for looking! ♥
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I do this every year, so here we are!
Last year I was Delirium, and this year... well, I'll let you see if you can figure it out ;)
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...I'll stop spamming now, promise. Sorry flistees!
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'sup bbs!

Life is... kinda hard right now, even though the past few days have been highs rather than lows :) Today wasn't that great admittedly, but hey, two lows and three highs is still a majority of good ones, so yay! I'll count my rainbows, not my thunderstorms, thank you!

And on the note of good, I've managed to get back into the groove of doodling. Admittedly, not all of them are that great, and those that are I can't show you, because they're for bandomreversebb, soooo :P

But, I have a couple of discarded ones for that, and some other ones too.
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I'm gonna go crash so I can be well-rested and shizz for tomorrow when I go see my grandma for some farmer's market shopping and lunching and stuff. Yay! \o/
Other - crayons!
THAT'S RIGHT. I bet you all forgot I did actually participate in this round, huh? ;)

Title: (When I Think of Your Kisses, My Mind) See-Saws...
Artist: heyhoolou
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Lance, Morgana/Leon, Will, Gwaine.
Rating (if applicable): PG (for the art that is, not the story!)
Warnings: None.
Summary: Modern AU. Sometimes the road to love is paved in ridiculous, if not somewhat awkward Facebook and Twitter posts, far too many pop culture references than are strictly necessary, nosy supporting cast members with insanely large personalities, the establishment of “The Land of Giant Sofas", and a little bit of liquid courage. Call it a bonus when destiny lives next door.
Artist's notes: I had a shitload of fun with these! The story is wonderful and cardigankate was a delightful author to work with ♥ I had the hardest time limiting myself to these 4 scenes, 'cause I could've easily went for a ton more, but this is what I ended up with ultimately. Enjoy and GO READ THE STORY. Obviously, these contain massive spoilers, so I highly suggest you do the story-reading first and then return here, if you feel so inclined ;)
Story link: Master Post Here!
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing, I just have fun in other people's sandboxes.

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